The Elementa Master Premiere judges: who and how?

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From their first press release, the organisers of Elementa Masters underlined that the selection of judges appointed to preside at all Elementa events would be based on maximum transparency and on one of the group’s key concepts, namely “growth”. We are not talking just about the unequalled level of prize money when all the various competitions are considered together, but also the growth of skills.

Elementa has set strict rules regarding the juries, with the choice of the judges designed to ensure balanced participation for members from different geographical areas and above all a selection made by drawing the names from a list, in the presence of a notary

Hence, the jury of Elementa Masters Premiere is composed of a US judge, two Europeans and two Italians, drawn from the names provided by the NRHA Judges Committee (3 names for the USA and 5 for Europe) and by the IRHA Judges Committee (5 names).

Names from the long list created were then drawn last June 19 in a public session at the offices of the Studio Notarile Gilardoni in Rome. The resulting jury is as follows:

Mike McEntire (USA)
Henry Kuehnel (GER)
Maik Bartmann (GER)
Manuela Maiocchi (ITA)
Ricky Bordignon (ITA)

Monitor Judge: Eugenio Latorre (ITA)
Bit Judge:
Lara Maiocchi (ITA)

An NRHA worldwide judge, Pierre Ouellet, has also been employed for the first time to lead the team of five official stewards who will manage and control the show and warm-up areas, making sure that everything takes place according to the rules, also and above all those relating to the horses’ welfare: Elementa Masters Premiere is subject to FEI Regulations for Reining and to the Italian Law on the protection of animals.

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