Sporting energy comes from the “base”

By 5 November 2019 No Comments

Yet what really sets the Elementa Masters Premiere apart from other competitions is the range of prizes provided for the base rock of reining and a learning environment for the sport’s future athletes, the Non Pro riders, the youth (under 18) and the riders competing at the “limited” level: no international event has ever dedicated this level of attention to them. Elementa has even consulted with its legal advisors to devise a ploy that makes it possible to reward these riders higher prizes without going against the NRHA regulations that seriously limit prize money: “We are interested in the discipline’s base, that’s where new initiatives and incentives must be directed, where a new market will be created”, explains Domenico Lomuto, Elementa’s Director of Communications. Lomuto has also announced that the competition’s “winner’s ring” will be dedicated to limited riders instead of going to the winner of the professional division, as is usually the case.

The event comprises a rich array of competitions for these athletes and their horses. The competitions start with a full day on Friday for three categories of non-professional reiners (Non Pro, Intermediate Non Pro and Limited Non Pro) and then resume on Sunday with events throughout the day for the Youth category and two innovative team events: the Non Pro Team Cup and the Global Team Cup. The Intermediate Open and Limited Open riders will show instead in Section 1 on Saturday, before their Level 4 colleagues.

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